Sunday, September 2, 2012


In just 5 hours time,it will be my first N lvl paper. Well hope i'll do well.! ^^ Alright i rmb last friday i went to
catch Step Up 4:Revolution with Cheong U and Minyou. The Movie was awesome never fail to disappoint me with their slick moves and sick choreography.! Now i knw why i've chose to learn dance in the first place. Its always this kind of movies that made me have a interest in pursing dance. Well had Seoul Garden before the movie and was damn full,the oil was sucha bitch for splattering my area whn i put the meat on the grill to cook. But still had a great time eating there. After our movie rotted at tamp awhile before heading home as the timing for Imperfect are like late and cheong u can't stay out too late. So yeah i'll just let the photos do the talking. Lazy to type hahahaha.! 


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back once again.

Back after,yes months again. Laughs.Life's been fine i've turned 19 recently and lost my iphone yes fuck it but it's alright im gonna get a new one soon. I've turned into a partygirl recently and kept partying even though my N's are just next week. Had lots of ups & downs but i did overcome it eventually. Alot of things had happened to me and as a result lots of changes. Well i've nothing much else left to say so i let the photos do the talking. ♥ 

Signing off, with ♥ CarrieReikaTsukiyomiHearts.